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Re: [Logwatch] Config settings for number of connections ? [ SOLVED ] Matthew Kettlewell Tue Nov 25 10:00:20 2008

Matthew Kettlewell wrote:
> Mike Tremaine wrote:
>> Is this from the "Secure" service? Or what I don't recognize it. Which 
>> SMTP server are you running? Depending on which service this report it 
>> showing up in there is probably a way to filter it down. If it is in the 
>> secure you can either have ignore completely or stick a floor on it look 
>> in the ~/default.conf/services/secure.conf file there is an ignore line 
>> and a comment out example of a floor.
>> # Use secure_[servicename] to add a floor to the output
>> #Example this limits the output to only pop3 connects greater then 500
>> #$secure_pop3 = 500
>> If this is another service let me know which and I'll try and answer that.
>> -Mike
I found the answer -
in /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/services/secure.conf  
I added the line $secure_smtp 100 and it solved my problem.


Matthew Kettlewell

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