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[marathon-testing] Re: Enter Key from Keyboard is not recorded in Marathon skd Tue May 12 11:01:23 2009

Use the "keystroke" command, e.g.,

select('NTextField9', 'NewTest, NewTest')
keystroke('NTextField9', 'Enter')

If you have the Marathon source code, you can see all of the commands
that are available in src\libpy\marathon\

On May 5, 4:28 pm, Ganesh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am recording a java application using Marathon tool.
> There is a text field in the application, I search for names in this
> field. I enter "NewTest" and hit Enter key on Keyboard to pull
> information of "NewTest". The Enter key step is not recorded, hence
> when replaying the recorded script it hangs at this point.
> Follwing is the code recorded,
> select('NTextField9', 'NewTest, NewTest')
> How can the Enter keystroke can be recorded? I am not so familiar with
> Java, so please let me know how this can be achieved at the earliest
> it will be very helpful.
> Thanks.
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