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[Mason] subroutine visibility Ruslan A Dautkhanov Mon May 25 05:01:07 2009


For example, I have components
1.    abba.mhtm, which includes a.mhtm, which has subroutine proc1
2.    baab.mhtm, which includes b.mhtm, which has subroutine proc1,
    which differ prom a's proc1 by its code and context (global vars etc).

So, proc1 called from abba.mhtm should be called from a.mhtm only,
and called from baab.mhtm - from b.mhtm.

*problem* : proc1 called from abba sporadically erroneously called from b,
and vice versa
                  proc1 called from baab sporadically erroneously called
from a.

How to "lock" subroutines by their visibility?

Thank you,

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