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Re: [Mauiusers] Guaranteed nodes for a queue that can be used when free nodes are available. Ling C. Ho Wed Jun 03 09:00:25 2009

Thank you for the suggestion using preemption. I managed to get it to work.

However, the "CANCEL" preemption type is not implemented in 3.2.6 although it 
is mentioned in the 
user guide: (Table

Does any one know if this is in later versions?


James A. Peltier wrote:

> On Mon, 18 May 2009, Ling C. Ho wrote:
>> I am looking for a pbs or maui configuration to do this.
>> Is it possible to have a set of nodes guaranteed to be used for a 
>> queue (Let's make it Queue A), and
>> yet when some of these nodes are free, be used by another queue (Queue 
>> B)?
>> When some of these nodes are running jobs from Queue B, and new jobs 
>> start coming in for Queue A, I
>> want to be able to kill (automatically) those Queue B jobs that are 
>> running on these particular set
>> of nodes. So that  there is always enough slots to run Queue A's jobs 
>> until all the slots on these
>> nodes are used up.
>> Thanks,
>> ...
>> ling
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