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Re: [Mauiusers] user priority Frédéric Bastien Fri Jun 26 12:00:19 2009


thanks for all the suggestion. I will try them, but I'm not sure the admin
will want to change the configuration of the cluster. Is their a way to do
so that won't give a user more priority, juste reorder the jobs he have? I
will try this.



2009/6/24 R. David <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Frédéric Bastien a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Is their a way a user can tell some of its jobs have higher priority over
>> others? That way, when the scheduler choose to schedule one of its jobs,
>> they select it with the perspective of the user priority?
>> example: I send a batch of jobs that take weeks and many are put in the
>> queue. Next days, I send another batch of jobs that are faster and more
>> urgent. How can I(the user) ask the scheduler to start the jobs started last
>> when it will be willing to start more of my jobs?
>>  Maybe a QOS setting with a high priority might help. At submission, the
> user might choose to use or not the high-priority QOS.
> The QOS selection at submission depends on the ability of the resource
> manager to add extended atributes. For instance, in torque you could
> use -W qos=your_qos_name
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