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Re: [MEncoder-users] How to code video of different formats in .flv a format? The Wanderer Mon Jun 22 00:02:24 2009

On 06/20/2009 05:18 AM, Dan Lee wrote:

Hello. I asked you,
I could not find exact instructions for installation Mplayer Mencoder
on Linux (Centos) (cpu-AMD).

You also just hijacked a thread.

It is not enough to hit Reply on an existing message and change the
Subject line; this just creates a reply with a different Subject, not a
new thread. To create a new thread, it is necessary to start a new
message from scratch.

I need to convert video of different formats in flv a format. Can at
you there is a full package for installation?

Depends on what system you're running.

In practice, the recommended approach is to download the latest source
from SVN and compile it yourself.

Or give the full list of codecs and where them to register and
And I am trying the command line as follows but i always get a error
saying that "Unknown suboption i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_frames".

(I notice that you didn't actually give a command line...)

That's probably because that option is not necessary in recent versions,
and so has been removed.

      The Wanderer

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side of it.

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