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[modwsgi] Re: Sometimes my Django site just does not respond at first Graham Dumpleton Thu Jun 18 16:00:45 2009

2009/6/18 dalembertian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi Graham,
>> When you say the wget fails on the first request, are you saying the
>> blank page problem only ever happens on the home page of the site?
> It looks like it, but maybe only in the sense that this seems to
> happen only for a certain "first request" (maybe it doesn't matter if
> it's the home page or any other page). As far as I can see in my logs,
> when wget does not encounter this problem (in which case it can't get
> *any* page), it does succeed in getting all the other pages. Maybe
> wget has a retry mechanism after it starts, though...
>> BTW, I have seen some reports of MacOS X having strange network issues
>> which might partly explain this.
> No, this is an Ubuntu 8.04.2 installation... It is a 'cloud' setup,
> though, and I wouldn't discard problems with the virtualization
> mechanism (to which I don't have access). Is there any way to turn on
> more logging?

Ensure you have LogLevel set to into in main Apache configuration. If
you have separate LogLevel settings for main Apache server and
VirtualHost, make sure both are set and look at error logs for both
main Apache server and VirtualHost. See:

>> What OS type are you running the Apache web server and wget on? Is
>> Safari browser on MacOS X the only place you have got error response.
> The only occasion when I personally "saw" this error was with Safari,
> but in the server box I'm using only wget.
>> Finally, check both main and virtual host error logs for any instances
>> of 'Segmentation fault'.
> Nope, no segmentation faults... The only 'error' messages I have are:
> IOError: client connection closed

Generally not a problem. Although if the client was actually
prematurely killed, can also indicate a network issue in between.

> and occasionally:
> (104)Connection reset by peer: mod_wsgi (pid=9145): Unable to get
> bucket brigade for request., referer: 

This error is more serious. Have had some discussion about this in the
past, but can't remember what conclusion was. My memory is getting bad
in my old age. :-(


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