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Re: Thread Affinity Question Wade Tregaskis Mon Jul 14 20:54:23 2008

You can just double-click it there to install it.

Nothing happens when I double-click that.
OK, so I copy that manually to ~/Library/PreferencePanes, then open system prefs. The menu appears, the app seams to run, but no prefs window is shown. Also in the menu there are all prefpanes including non-Apple (e.g. Perian or Growl), but the Processor.prefPane is not there. After closing SystemPrefs, then manually trashing ~/Library/ PreferencePanes/Processor.prefPane and relaunching SystemPrefs, the window is visible again.

Odd... this isn't a known issue. In fact I installed it on several developers' machines last week during WWDC without issue. Please file a bug report (, including your system profile. Also, check the console for any relevant logs.

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