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Re: Mt-smp Digest, Vol 5, Issue 18 Steve Sisak Mon Sep 15 10:00:26 2008

At 11:48 AM -0400 9/15/08, Edward K. Chew wrote:
On 12-Sep-08, at 4:58 PM, George Warner wrote:
on 9/12/08 12:08 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] at
an MPTask and the list retrieval function was called so that it could
be added to the list.  A short while later, still in the same
function, I attempted to look up the object in the list, only to find
it was no longer there.

That seems to leave two possibilities.  Either the list was corrupted

(that would be my vote)

Is the list (or pointers) accessed from multiple threads? My first guess would be a race condition in maintaining the list(s).

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