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Re: [mb-style] add instrument request: vacuum cleaner Simon Reinhardt Sun Aug 13 15:11:34 2006

Brian Gurtler wrote:
I've entered this into trac a while ago (12/13/05) and now it's in MB limbo

anyhow.. not to get too far ahead of myself, i don't see any reason to
be bashful with what instruments can be added into MB. Slowing down the
addition of instruments slows down the addition of proper information
into the database. Why should the process be more involve than "is there
an artist that plays this instrument?" yes or no?
As I've explained on the bug, theres no reason not to add an instrument
that someone is known for playing.
Jon Fishman is pretty well know for playing the vacuum and i don't see
any reason at all that it shouldn't be added.

Does anyone have a good reason to not add an instrument that an artist

Back to the topic, people!

About the "instrument" itself: given the information from the trac ticket, it 
is of course neither supposed to be a musical instrument but an household appliance nor 
widely used by various musicians. Therefore it serves no real purpose for a big part of 
the db but for one artist only. So I'm against it.

More "votes" on this, please!

Simon (Shepard)
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