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[Orbited] Re: Orbited+Stomp behind reverse proxy Mario Balibrera Fri Jun 19 14:00:43 2009

> But what about Stomp?  Does it not need port 61613 ?

The user connects to stomp by way of Orbited, so if Orbited and your stomp
server are running on the same machine you shouldn't have to do any special
forwarding. In other words, all stomp traffic goes through Orbited, so as
long as the user can reach Orbited, Orbited can take it from there.

> > Other than using HAProxy, has anyone else been able to tackle this
> > > problem of needing to serve everything off port 80 with Stomp included?

Here <http://orbited.org/wiki/Deployment#Cross-SubdomainDeployment> are a
couple ways to go about it.


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