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Re: [PATCH] detecting epoll Gerd v. Egidy Fri Jun 05 08:01:29 2009

Hi Wietse,

> OK, I propose to do this:
>                      if [ `expr "X$CCARGS" : "X.*-DNO_EPOLL"` -gt 0 ]
>                      then
>                      elif [ ! -e /usr/include/sys/epoll.h ]
>                      then
>                          echo CCARGS="$CCARGS -DNO_EPOLL"
>                      else
>                          trap 'rm -f makedefs.test makedefs.test.[co]' 1 2 3 
> 15
>                          ...
>                      fi;
> This will implement "make makefiles CCARGS=-DNO_EPOLL" as documented,
> and will skip EPOLL support when the system include file is missing.

How about the attached version? This includes the idea from Victor to use the 
compiler to check, but without relying on particular switches.

> The makedefs script already peeks in /usr/include (for Berkeley
> DB) and in /usr/lib* and /lib* (for libnsl and libresolv), so it
> was never suitable for cross compilation.

Yeah. But that's no reason to include more of it - makes it harder to remove 

Kind regards,


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