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issue about print accessory panel jtan Wed May 20 01:00:22 2009

Hello all,

Two questions following:


1.       We are adding the settings to the current print session and we want
to add them to the summary panel. We use cocoa and 10.4sdk to develop. But
we haven't found any method or delegate that can add info in the summary
panel. However, 10.5sdk provides a new method named localizedSummaryItems of
NSPrintPanelAccessorizing Protocal which is available in Mac OS X v10.5 and
later. It returns an array of dictionaries containing the localized user
setting summary strings. Unfortunately, we have to abandon it though it is a
very convenient way. Because our application will run on Mac OS 10.4 and Mac
OS 10.5. Does anyone know any method / delegate analogous to the
localizedSummaryItems or any other way to add info to the print summary
panel using cocoa?


2.  We make a bundle which provides print function and the accessory view is
added to the print panel in bundle. The bundle is build with 10.5sdk. But
the application is build with 10.4sdk. When the application runs on Mac10.5
and calls bundle to supply the print function, a print panel shows up and
the build-in preview disappears. Does anyone know why and how to solve this



With regards, 

Jiong Tan


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