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[Puppet Users] Re: Installing applications using puppet Joe McDonagh Thu Jun 25 15:00:36 2009

Neil K wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am pretty new to Puppet. My puppet master server is a RHEL 5 box and
> puppet client is a CentOS 5.3 vm. I have managed to configure puppet
> server to successfully install.and upgrade rpm based packages on the
> client machine. Is it possible to install noon-rpm based packages
> using puppet? Like packages comes as tar.gz such as web based
> applications?
> If it is possible, please provide any example manifests or any good
> documents that I can follow.
> Thanks,
> Neil
> >
Hi Neil, you want to check out the 'define' keyword in the puppet 
language doc. This way you can have a definition like "my_pkg" pass it 
some options, and all the magic to set it up can be done inside the 
define. I don't currently have an example because I package most of my 
stuff in .debs and put it in a custom repo.

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