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Re: SCSetInfo error -2147450878 Philip Aker Tue Jun 23 02:00:28 2009

On 2009-06-22, at 23:18:48, Tanu Jain wrote:

I am using SCSpatialSettings to set various parameters and then pass this information to component instance in order to further pass this information to QTAtomContainer and finally to MovieExportComponent.

I am using “SCSetInfo(ci, scSpatialSettingsType, &ss);” to set my component Instance by spatial settings pointer ss.
This command is throwing an error “-2147450878”.

I am not able to understand this error.

I would be thankful if someone can help me in this.

This is a basic component error defined in MacErrors.h.

/* ComponentError codes*/
enum {
badComponentInstance = (long)0x80008001, /* when cast to an OSErr this is -32767*/ badComponentSelector = (long)0x80008002 /* when cast to an OSErr this is -32766*/

So I think you'd have to prove that you have a valid component instance for the specified selector.

Philip Aker
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