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Next WWP event coming up! Don Bain Mon Jun 15 03:04:23 2009

The Solstice is one week from today - which means that it is "time" for another World Wide Panorama event.

Something new - we will now be supporting Flash as well as QuickTime. In fact, the entire site (over 5000 panoramas) will soon be viewable with either Flash or QuickTime!

Technical details on how to submit as Flash (QTVR will also be accepted) will soon be posted on the WWP site.

But right now, think about the theme - TIME - and how you can you can make a great VR panorama exemplifying in some way that concept. Keith Martin has written an essay on Time to get you started - http://tinyurl.com/9tebyx

The event is open to everyone and all entries that meet the specs will be accepted. Photography must be done within the time frame June 18 to 22. Your entry may be uploaded to the prep server anytime from June 18 to June 29. Be prepared to provide full caption and georeferencing.

Please join us in this quarterly event celebrating the the creativity of the VR community and the value of this graphic form. If you would like to participate in discussion about this ongoing project please join our group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wwp/

The WWP Team:
        Don Bain
        Landis Bennett
        Markus Altendorff
        Bostjan Burger
        Keith Martin
        Pat Swovelin

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