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Re: New QuickTime feature? Keith Martin Mon Jun 22 03:03:11 2009

Sometime around 21/6/09 (at 16:19 +0200) RĂ¼diger Cordes said:

I just discovered when pressing the keys Apple-Cursor to left
that you can see the movie playing backwards!

Nope, that's been there a very long time indeed. But that's still a good trick to share. :-)

Don't feel bad about missing a feature like that. I once interviewed Frank Casanova when he was the head of the QuickTime development team, shortly after QuickTime 4.0 was unveiled (Spring 1999 I think). One thing I asked (after more important questions) was regarding the loss of functionality through the new controller interface in QuickTime Player. I ended up *showing* him the control-click-drag trick for playing movies at different speeds forwards and backwards... because he had no idea that the feature existed. Funny.

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