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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] How to override ID3v1/ID3v2.3 tags? SamS Wed Jun 24 18:00:32 2009

Siduhe;434940 Wrote: 
> Are you using iTunes, MusicIP or any kind of replay gain tag?  Do these
> files appear in any playlists anywhere?  Both of these could account for
> the duplicate entries.
> Also, you could try deleting the contents of the cache folder (having
> stopped Squeezecenter) and then restart Squeezecenter.  This will force
> SC to build a completely new database and will fix any corruption which
> hasn't been sorted by a clear and rescan.

Please remind me again where the SC cache folder is.  I know it is
normally hidden, and I recall "unhiding" folders to find it in the

JJZolx;435035 Wrote: 
> I forgot to mention one very important step, but if you added the column
> to view tags, then you'll have figured that out by now.  Mp3tag doesn't
> automatically remove the tags that you specify when you save.  You have
> to explicitly use 'Remove tag' (the 'big red X' button, or File > Remove
> tag, or Ctrl+R).

I created the new Tags column per your recommendation, but *no* files
have anything show up in that column.  I have all boxes checked.

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