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Re: signing RPMs without a passphrase? Lev Lvovsky Thu Oct 09 10:01:14 2008

Hi Jay,

On Oct 9, 2008, at 9:19 AM, Jay Yarbrough wrote:

My personal preference is to batch sign them after creation.  However,
it should also be possible to use 'expect' to pass in the passphrase
during the build process.

It looks like that's what other have recommended too - it wouldn't be too difficult, but we're looking for a more standard way of doing this. It could be argued that a passphrase is required to be "standard", but I'll omit that from my argument ;)

RE the batch signing - I'd thought of that as well, but our RPM creation tools create an RPM repository in the process, so remembering to batch sign them would be a human-required intervention.


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