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Re: [Rt-devel] [rt-users] Custom SQl - RT Handle Simon Lane Wed Jun 17 11:00:21 2009

I am sure this may be a little basic for the developers list, but no-one on
the users' seems to have any idea...


In RT 3.6.4, I had the following example working well for a direct SQL


my $dbh = $RT::Handle->dbh; 
my $query_text = $some_specific_direct_query; 
my $cursor = $dbh->prepare($query_text); 
$cursor->bind_columns( undef, \$ticket_id); 
while ($cursor->fetch())



I believe that the $RT::Handle is no longer working no that we upgraded to
3.8.3.  I thought that the solution might be:


my $dbh = $RT->DatabaseHandle;



But I get :  


Global symbol "$RT" requires explicit package name


Which I did not get before. I have tried some variations on the above, but
don't seem to get anywhere.  

Anyone have any ideas ?




Simon Lane


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