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[sage-devel] Re: Anybody tried search_* in 4.1.alpha1? John H Palmieri Fri Jun 26 11:00:23 2009

On Jun 26, 9:19 am, kcrisman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jun 26, 12:06 pm, Nick Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Where is the code for these sage -foo commands?
> > > I found them once but have forgotten where they are.
> > SAGE_ROOT/local/bin/sage-foo
> Thanks.
> > > but I don't know where find is used here.  Does grep call find?
> > Yes, depending on what parameters you give it.  The string you give to  
> > search_doc is actually considered a shell command first and a regular  
> > expression second.  Can you try "cannot\;" and "cannot\\;" (note  
> > slashes)?  I am a little curious that just "cannot" fails at all.
> I get the same result no matter what I put in.  Even
> sage: search_src("p-adics")
> find: -exec: no terminating ";"
> though in 4.0.1 that gets a page of hits.
> I'm really sorry this is so weird.  This is OSX.4 on a PPC, so perhaps
> something got changed in those scripts recently?
> - kcrisman

Yes, it got changed in #5806. Can you try

 find SAGE_ROOT/devel/sage/sage// \( -name *.py \) -exec grep -i -H
cannot {} +

from the command line, replacing SAGE_ROOT with the appropriate path?
Also, what does 'which find' tell you?  (Does anyone know whether the
'find' command changed from OS X 10.4 to 10.5?)


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