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[spree-user] Re: Returning 404 when object not found? Stephanie Powell Tue Jun 23 09:00:39 2009

Interesting, I just read an article about this:

The article discusses a few solutions from the SEO perspective:
1) 301 everything back to the home page or an internal category page
2) 404 for all erroneous/mistyped urls
3) hybrid of #1 and #2

I don't think there is one catchall solution for all ecomm sites. Some 
sites may have items that fluctuate in and out of stock and a 301 would 
be inappropriate (302 instead). Other sites may only sell items for a 
brief time and would benefit from 301-ing to the most related internal 
category page to preserve all link juice. I think a hybrid solution that 
is easily configurable would be best for spree.

A while back I documented some SEO improvements that should be made for 
Spree. Perhaps I'll dig up the email and post it up here so folks can 
help contribute if possible.

Sean Schofield wrote:
> I have some ideas regarding search engines and defunct products, etc.
> I was thinking about some Rails Metal for tracking what the robots are
> crawling (record both the 200's and 400's.)
> I guess it depends on what you're trying to achieve.  Ideally you do
> 301 permanent redirect so you don't lose any google juice.  Again,
> these can be setup nicely using Rails Metal.  In fact, I've done this
> in the spree-commerce site[1] (NOTE: Private repo so only rails core
> members can see this project.)
> Short term I guess we go with configuration setting to give either 404
> or 500 depending on what user chooses
> (Spree::Config[:missing_member_404],
> Spree::Config[:missing_member_500]).  A nice extension would hook into
> changes in the taxon name or product name and offer to create some 301
> redirect rules for you.
> Sean
> [1] 
> https://github.com/railsdog/spree-commerce/blob/2947f8acd09984823a9fb8f9f03b67364875b26e/app/metal/legacy_redirect.rb
> >

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