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Re: Amazing Browser kolbysoft Thu Jun 18 08:01:00 2009

To make Steel the default browser, all you have to so is tick the box
when you're prompted if you want to view a web address in Steel or the
default browser.
To get this dialog, just open the stock browser, load a page and touch
a link. It should open a dialog.

To undo the default settings, go into Settings->Applications->Manage
Applications, chose the app that is default, and clear the defaults on
that app. The next time, you'll be prompted again for which app to

You can set the initial zoom level in the settings of Steel. To get
the full page view, you'll have to also set the user agent to desktop,
and the layout algorithm to Normal, otherwise the page doesn't get
rendered the way you want it.
Double tapping is not supported, because it slows down the single tap
(Steel would always need to wait to determine if there's a second tap
The easiest way to zoom from the full page view is to use the
magnifier (double click the trackball and move the window).

Steel doesn't support gears at this point, I'm not sure I can get the
gears plugin to load from a non google app. We'll see.
For right now, gmail works, you just always have the annoying reminder
in there.

On Jun 17, 9:05 pm, sherifone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ah. I have one more question as well!
> I noticed when I went to mobile gmail and it says "Update to faster
> Gmail" it doesn't do anything in Steel, but in the android browser I
> assume it updates the GoogleGears library or saved files. Any
> thoughts? Thanks!
> On Jun 17, 7:57 pm, sherifone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Thanks you for creating this great alternative to the built in
> > browser, I much prefer your streamlined interface. (Especially prefer
> > the zoom over the obnoxious one implemented by Google.)
> > I do have 2 questions, one newbie and one feature request :)
> > 1. How do I make this the default browser?
> > 2. Will you ever be able to emulate the behavior of the iPhone
> > browser? (Such as defaulting to show the whole web page and double tap
> > to zoom/zoomout)
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