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[Sugar-devel] OLPC Afghanistan Content Library Sohaib Obaidi Ebtihaj Mon May 18 06:03:33 2009

Now you can upload contents; activities, books, images, articles, games
and anything which you think to be useful for kid, its parents and for the
betterment of their quality of education, to our site's "Content Library".
Also you can suggest us useful contents and links, which we can put to the
Simply register to the site and start uploading the contents.

We will appreciate your help for the promotion of Education in Afghanistan...

Comments, suggestions and critics are highly appreciated.

Thank You.
OLPC Afghanistan

Sohaib Obaidi Ebtihaj
OLPC Afghanistan,
Community Development Liaison.

PAIWASTOON Networking Services Ltd.
1st Street Kart-e Se, House no. 5
Opposite Habibia High School
Kabul, Afghanistan

Office Phone #: +93 079 419 5494

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