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[Sugar-devel] Dynamic content collections for Browse Journal (Emle). C.W. Holeman II Tue Jun 02 09:00:21 2009
shows the replacement of the special .xol format for browse with the
more general Journal.
"Populate Journal with a handful of useful/exemplary items" seems to consider
PDF  the prefered choice for documents. But there are dynamic HTML documents
that are designed for exactly the kind of environment that OLPC/Sugar
wants to promote. A "hello, world"  example which produces dynamic HTML
should be in this collection.

Emle - Electronic Mathematics Laboratory Equipment is just such an
application/document. It runs in Browse. It is composed of HTML, XML,
and CSS. It uses Javascript and  XSLT to produce a dynamic HTML, CSS, DOM,
SVG and Javascript document. It is not a collection static of images and/or
words. It is a tool to allow students to interact with visualizations of math

The collection on a web server:

The web site is:

The tar ball package is:

This can be used as a "hello world" example for (dynamic) Browse collections.
It is designed to be expanded with more Labs, Equipment and features.

HowTo Contribute to Emle - Introduction:

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