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Re: songs OlSausage Mon Jun 22 03:01:42 2009

Anything you write is automatically copyright to you. If you are
really concerned, write the songs down on paper or make a tape with
some documentation saying you wrote the song and mail it to yourself
and/or someone you can trust. When you get the package leave it sealed
and store it safely. That way if any legal issues crop up you can
easily prove priority. But really as soon as you wrote it, it's your

On Jun 20, 7:14 pm, Robin Gravina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Taters
> me and my buddies have been writing some songs on the train, and we never
> heard them outside our heads until we decided to have a session the other
> day on our own material. We spent two hours learning the songs, figuring out
> a quick arrangement and recording it and did seven of the 19 we have
> waiting. It's a little embarassing to report, but I was amazed at how good
> my mate Steve's songs were and he paid me a similar compliment, and we
> realise that we have to record them. Couldn't say what style they are in
> exactly, other than a Brother Duo that had lived on the East Side of
> Manhatten.
> Does anyone know how to copyright songs, especially if you do it from Spain,
> and whether it actually matters if you do or don't? We got all nervous about
> suddenly making the change from a band that plays other people's songs to
> band that plays mainly our own, and thinking about making a cd, and whether
> we need to do some of this legal stuff
> Un taterabrazo
> Robin
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