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[The Unique Geek] Re: MARVEL COMICS James Peluso Tue Jun 23 11:00:52 2009

Personally I think the biggest pitfall with heroine's in movies is there has
not been one that's fully developed with the appropriate cult following.
Look at all the hit movies that have come out recently, Dark Knight, Iron
Man, etc.  All of them had very strong character development and very strong
plot lines.  Look at the heroin based movies that have come out; the best
example I can think of recently is Elektra.  The character was worked up in
DD a little but, the character could not support a movie on her own.  There
wasn't much interest in the movie but, what can you expect from a comic book
character who was usually always a supporting role. (except for the new Dark
Reign Elektra series which is awesome).

Now if there was an actress with a strong enough screen presence that could
hold the role of Wonder Woman that would be an unbeliavable movie with a
huge cult following.  They would just a great screenplay and a origin story.
This way the first movie is a hit and she can be involved with what seems
like the status quo trilogy in hit comic based movies.

I think a JL movie would be excellent.

I'm interested to see what Marvel does with Janet Van Dyne in the Avengers
movie or if they even include her at all.  I mean she is a founding member
but, again she's one of those characters that hasn't had her own run in
comics and was always supporting in the Avengers.

I wonder if Ms. Marvel would work as it's own seperate movie.


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On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 7:44 AM, Lorrie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Just enjoyed the posts on Captain America.  I wonder what next will
> come out of the closet of marvel comics to be brought to life on the
> screen.   Are the rumors of a justice league still out there?  Or is
> Australia still playing catch-up with the movie scene?  Loved
> spiderman, batman, etc but I reckon some other characters need a work
> out.  I would love to see wonderwoman make a come back. Most of the
> heroic characters I have seen so far are blokes.
> Would be interested to see what other sci-fi geeks out there think.  :)
> >

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