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Re: [TiVo Central] S3 reboots by itself EAJacobson Fri May 22 21:00:22 2009

I forgot to mention...the S3 gets _REAL_ sluggish on command response 
before the reboots. Just things like bringing up "Info" or switching tuners 
can take minutes.


At 10:04 PM 5/22/2009, you wrote:
>Series 3 box with two CableCards in it and a WeaKnees 1TB external
>expansion drive. Recently had the cards replaced as it seemed they were
>acting flaky...frozen pictures, hashed sound. Now with the new cards the
>box is rebooting itself every once in a while (well...three times last
>night over about two hours...just had it do so again). I've gone through
>the "guided setup" again (last night after the third reboot). Now I'm
>wondering if the box itself is going bad. Any thoughts or suggestions.
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