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[tp-devel] GSOC: Improving Daneel-ai ric cook Fri May 15 17:00:32 2009


I'm Ric, a software engineering student from the University of Melbourne, in

My project page can be seen
essentially i'll be working on improving the existing python based
artificial intelligence client
daneel-ai. The goal is to improve its speed so decisions don't take as long
to calculate and to implement reinforcement learning
techniques into the bot so that it will be more likely to choose the best
action from various game states given enough experience.

I've set up a blog <> on for
recording my progress. Currently its pretty bare beyond an introductory post
but once I get up and coding
and have some progress to report. Well it'll be located there. Feel free to
traverse its inner workings if you're interested.

I'm on the IRC channel under the name reac whenever I have time.
Hope everyone has a productive summer (or winter if you're from my side of
the globe!)
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