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[Trac] Re: Problems with account manager plugin Matt Good Mon Mar 26 06:05:19 2007

On Mar 22, 5:53 pm, Chris Forsythe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So I just tested this. I changed the file to an empty file in  trac.ini and 
> then restarted lightty. Upon trying to register, I'm
> seeing the same problem.

Well, the file-based storage obviously has serious limitations on
large sites.  I've just committed a new SessionStore which stores user
passwords in the session_attributes table.  By default it will store
passwords in htdigest format, but it can also be used with htpasswd
format by setting "hash_method = HtPasswdHashMethod" in trac.ini.

I've added a script to the source in "contrib/"
to move existing user passwords into the database.  Call it like
"python myproject".  It will check the config
for the current password file and format used and add the users to the
database, make the necessary changes to the config and save it.  You
may need to enable the components if you don't have "acct_mgr.* =
enabled" in your config.  I've tested it out a bit, but it's brand new
so if you experience any problems please report them on the trac-hacks

-- Matt Good

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