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Re: Off-the-shelf Standalone App Framework? walid joseph Gedeon Tue Apr 03 06:05:29 2007

Hello John,
 Thanks for your answer.
How do you shutdown the app? do you ctrl-c (or kill)? or do you use an
excalibur specific "shutdown" mechanism (through an admin console)?

On 4/2/07, John Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
walid joseph Gedeon wrote:
> Hello all,
>    I'm new to excalibur and co. and am still reading through the
> available documentation. However, having read through the main pages,
> I still have not found what I'm looking for... maybe someone on this
> list can point me in the right direction?
>    I'm looking for a relatively lightweight java application
> framework that supports COP, IoC, but also can run as a standalone
> application (i.e. with bootstrapping, start/stop scripts etc)
>    The part that is so far missing is the bootstrapping mechanism.
> Before I head out and write my own, I wanted to make sure I haven't
> skipped over some existing thing...
> Excalibur? Phoenix? Merlin? Keel? Metro? Spring? so many products that
> seem to want to do the same thing... almost.

We use Excalibur for the MinneTAC trading agent (see
I've attached the "container" module that starts everything up, and you
can of course download the source and see how the configuration files
work. Our experience is that once you have figured out the container and
how to write config files, Excalibur stays nicely in the background and
Just Works. We are very pleased with it.


John Collins
University of Minnesota

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