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Re: Off-the-shelf Standalone App Framework? J Aaron Farr Tue Apr 03 06:07:40 2007

"walid joseph Gedeon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Hope it works out.
> Thanks :)
>> Did you consider OSGi?  Apache Felix or Eclipse Equinox would probably
>> provide everything you need.
> I did consider OSGi, I must admit I hadn't looked at Felix yet, I've
> just downloaded it and am trying it out.
> I've already developed for the Eclipse framework and it's great for
> gui-based apps, dunno if it fits well as a server-side application
> (any thoughts on this?)

Though Eclipse is built on OSGi, it's easy to never see it or know it
if you develop plugins.  That said, you can easily create a headless
Eclipse application that runs as a service.  You just don't import any
of the Workbench, but you still get to use the extension APIs and
updater and all the other non-UI Eclipse features.  That includes the
Eclipse launcher.  I've written a headless Eclipse application and it
wasn't difficult.

Though now I favor pure OSGi applications.  You can use Eclipse
Equinox or Apache Felix as your OSGi container.  You'll find plenty of
arguments for either project.


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