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Re: Localization Language Names vs. Codes. Was ...(Localization) Button... Ulf Dunkel Tue Jul 08 05:19:56 2008

Hi Jerry.

OK, I'd sent "thanks" off-list because the answer given by Scott and St├ęphane resolved the issue. When I changed my directory names from "de" to "German", etc., all started working.

This is not resolving, but ignoring the issue. ;-)

In fact, when you change the .lproj folder names as recommended by Apple from English.lproj to en.lproj, from French.lproj to fr.lproj, from German.lproj to de.lproj etc. - you loose several features within Xcode (2.5 and 3.0):

a) You cannot use "Get Info: Add localization" but have to use "Add: Existing files" from the objects context menu.

b) You cannot double-click on a .nib bundle to automatically open the (English) base language version of that .nib in Interface Builder.

c) You cannot click on a .strings bundle to see the (English) base language content in the editor.

d) ...

I would be glad if Apple would at least fix in Xcode 3.x this for the future as I don't believe they will still fix issues in Xcode 2.x ...

Best Regards, Ulf
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