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Re: Updating a Build Number Seth Willits Fri Jun 26 14:00:46 2009

On Jun 24, 2009, at 7:58 AM, Scott Tooker wrote:

If you are just looking to increment a simple build number, I'd strongly encourage you to look at the agvtool tool provided as part of Xcode Tools (man agvtool). This provides a convenient way to easily version different builds of you application without having to manually edit your Info.plist.

I just looked at this (I read Chris Hanson's blog since the man page wasn't clear enough for me). I think it's a bit silly. Why should I have to quite Xcode just to increment the build number? Any time I build my "Release" configuration, I simply want the build number to increase. I don't see why it should be any more complicated than that (at least in my situation), so I created that simple build script. Xcode doesn't like it though.

When building a target, Xcode processes Info.plist before anything else. This means that it creates a plist file and moves it into the build products folder, *then*, my script is executed which increases the value in the source products' Info.plist file. So the number in the source-products is actually N+1 rather than being the same number. The problem there is that if I then commit the code, it's not the right value relative to the code. So that's kinda sucky.

The bigger problem though is that if I do a build, let's say the version is 100 in the final built app, and Info.plist in the source folder says 101. If I build again, Info.plist is updated to 102, but *VERY VERY OFTEN* the app's Info.plist is left unchanged -- it'd still be 100. Then I have to wack build again, and it then jumps to 102. I don't know what the heck is going on here, but it's annoying. :\

A third problem is that I have a build script at the very end of building which is supposed to zip the file for me and create a digital signature on it for Sparkle and some other things, but that happens *before* code signing so it's not zipping the correct/final result. There seems to be no way to change this.

The solution I see to all of this is to create a build script fired of from Terminal that uses agvtool to do the build and then do all of my post processing. But quitting Xcode is not exactly my idea of use- friendliness. I'll try avoiding agvtool and making my own incrementing script so that Xcode doesn't need to be quit.

It seems like this really should be simpler given that everyone needs to do it. :-\

Seth Willits

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