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[Xgrid] Problem with Kerberos authentication Ricardo Fernández-Perea Mon Feb 23 06:03:31 2009

I have just installed a xgrid cluster following exactly the configuration of
cluster for hpc computing as detailled in Xgrid_Admin_and_HPC_v10.5 manual.

The GridSample program work without problems but  the trying to use
the xgrid command line.

$xgrid -h nexus0.nlroc -auth Kerberos -grid list
Error returned by gss_init_sec_context:
      major error <1> An invalid name was supplied
      minor error <1> Configuration file does not specify default realm
2009-02-23 11:54:48.941 xgrid[86044:10b] error: could not connect to
nexus0.nlroc (reason unknown)

where nexus0.nlroc is the internal name of the dns,kerberos and controller.

any sugestion.

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