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[YouTube-API] Re: Chromeless Player without YouTube watermark zdravko Fri Jun 26 11:00:31 2009


While I am not from YouTube, I can explain most of this to you - even
with some personal philosophy thrown in. ;)

The only legal way to play YT videos is by using YT players.  Without
getting into custom designed business arrangements with YouTube, all
the standard YT players superimpose the YT watermark that is clickable
and that leads to  This is how things are and this is
how it should be because after all, it is YouTube who is footing the
enormous infrastructure bills and as such they should get something
out of it.  What I personally do not like is the fact that the
watermark is on top of the video itself - which wrecks it.  I wish
that they would implement an optional version with an optional strip
bar that is below the video.  YouTube could place their watermark logo
on the far right and we could implement controls on the left hand

Philosophy aside, what it sounds like you need to do is to create a
good quality video that is not too big in size and that you would then
place onto your own servers.


On Jun 25, 5:24 pm, Robert Whitis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a video uploaded to YouTube, and I want to use it on my website
> as an intro video to a certain section of the site. I want to use the
> Chromeless player, because despite my countless attempts of formatting
> the video I uploaded to YouTube into flash, I cannot get a realistic
> filesize with anywhere near the quality of my YouTube video.  I just
> want the video to autostart, play until it finishes, and that's it.  I
> don't want the related videos coming up at the end, or the controls,
> or the YouTube watermark.  I don't want anything on the video that
> will lead my visitors away from my page.  I believe the Chromeless
> player does not include related videos at the end of playback, at
> least the example use of the Chromeless player doesn't.  However,
> there is a clickable YouTube watermark link that I do not want on my
> video.  Is there a command I can use in HTML while programming the
> embed to remove this link?
> Thanks,
> Robert
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